About Me

Thanks for dropping in!

My name is Fran.

I´m a New Yorker who left the Big Apple to take a bite out of a more balanced life.

I left behind a 17-year career as a financial TV news producer to indulge my love of travel and writing.
To stumble through language barriers, taste-test delicious foods and push outside my comfort zone.

This blog is for me.   To share my experiences about living someplace different, the ups and downs of traveling and discovering the nooks and cranies of this world.

But I hope this blog will also be for you.  That at least one person will read it and find courage in my words… enough to make them brave enough to make the choices they secretly want to make in their life.

So come follow my footsteps !

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Or you can email me at Franny@FrannysFootsteps.com

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