Argentina: It Isn´t All Malbec

I always equated Argentina with Malbecs, which are among my favorite red wines.

It wasn´t until I rolled into Cafayate that I became aware of Torrontés – the other white meat of Argentina.  These grapes thrive in the dry, windy landscape of northwest Argentina and produce a fruity, slightly dry white wine.

Our small international contingent (myself, Shaun/Georgina of Australia and John-Henry/Mary of South Africa) rented a car to make the 3-hour drive from Salta to Cafayate.  A twisty road took us through some breathtaking scenery:

Devil´s Throat

The Toad

The Castle

By the time we reached Cafayate, we were ready to get our wine on, and visited two bodegas — or wineries:  Etchart, a international giant and Nanni, a small, organic operation.  Both served up reds and whites, but the focus was on the Torrontés.

Bodegas Etchart

Some wines are produced in steel containers

And some are aged in oak barrels

How do I get one of these barrel-top tables?

Trying my first Torrontés


Our first wine tasting in Argentina (me, John-Henry, Mary, Georgina, Shaun)

Bodega Nanni

Bottling wine


Cork table

Another type of barrel table

Happily drinking wine and eating cheese, meat and bread at hostel

The next day we traveled to Las Nubas winery, where we came away with a few more bottles and soaked in the peaceful vibe that most wineries seem to have.

Las Nubes Rural Estates

After that we were off to Cordoba, our rental car a little more crowded with scrumptious bottles of wine!





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