Lions, Tigers and Bears… OH MY!

By the time you read this, I will be in São Paulo, with I hope at least ONE Indian or sushi meal behind me!  (Keep an eye out for more on that soon)

We are hanging with the paulistanos for two days before catching our flight to …
(drum roll)


The whaaatttt….???

The name left me scratching my head also.  But I was told that it is FAR better than the Amazon for seeing wildlife.  And well, you remember how excited I get about animals. 

The Pantanal is the world´s largest wetland, of the tropical variety, covering almost 75,000 square miles in southwestern Brasil, and poking over the border into Paraguay and Bolivia.  Think of the Florida Everglades, but with jaguars and giant anteaters.


Honestly, I worry I may scare those and other critters away with my shrieks of excitement.

Before I get there and give you a peak of  my adventures… I thought I would leave you with a look at some of the local wildlife I have spotted in Uberaba:

The ants here are fascinating!

I got pretty close to this moth

This praying mantis lives above the main door to our apartment building

Eye to eye with a dragonfly

Sucking up some moisture after a sudden downpour

A Maria Fedida (yes, that is what this bug is called. Look it up if you don´t believe me!)

Such a strange-looking insect

I mean, you can CLEARLY see facial features on this bad boy

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