My First World Cup

As promised, I traveled to Brasilia to see my first World Cup match: Switzerland vs. Ecuador. The game ended up being more exciting than I anticipated. Ecuador was kicking butt in the first half, up by one. However, someone lit a fire under Switzerland during halftime, because they came out like animals to score one goal, and then a second in the final 15 seconds of the game.

The match also gave me my first glimpse of Brasilia and its strange alien-like architecture.

Because of my work schedule, this was the only game I could get away to see during the first round. I was also determined to spend as little as possible. To adhere to a strict budget, I took a 7-hour overnight bus there on Saturday night, saw the game on Sunday, and returned on another overnight bus Sunday night. A friend hooked me up with a nun-operated hostal, where the sisters allowed me to check in for a 10-hour stay, which allowed me to shower and rest before and after the match.

It was a rough travel experience, but totally worth it!


Arriving at the stadium (Estadio Nacional Mane Garrincha)



My colorful ticket




These people definitely missed the kick-off


Switzerland vs. Ecuador


A sea of Ecuadorian fans in yellow


More than 68,000 people attended the game


A sweaty selfie



Brasilia’s TV Tower



View from the TV Tower of the “futuristic” government buildings

IMG_2389 IMG_2380 IMG_2384

I spent US$211 to see this game in total:

R$158: Roundtrip bus ticket from Uberaba to Brasilia
R$40:   Private room and bathroom for 1 person, based on a 10-hour stay.
Institute Vincenta Maria: 61-3443-2884. No website. A 5-minute bus ride from the                       main downtown bus station. (Via L2 Sul, Quadra 606, Conunto A, Setor Leste)
R$160: Ticket to match
R$50:   Taxis and buses around town
R$30:   Food


My First World Cup — 2 Comments

  1. Fran – Great pictures and a peek at the actual photos of the place.

    You went there by yourself? No Rodrigo — I thought he would be the one
    to see it.

    Love Dad

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