On My List

Get my CELTA degree (Jan. 2012)
Teach English abroad
(March 2012)
Live abroad (March 2012-present – Uberaba, Brasil)
Volunteer teaching English in Spain
Teach English and live in Asia
Learn Spanish (dabbled in August 2012)
Learn Portugese (started: March 2012)
Speak Portuguese (at basic level – I can get around. One day I hope to be fluent!)

Take an extended mostly overland trip through Africa
Go on safarii
See Victoria Falls
See the great migration
See gorillas in Uganda
Visit Madagascar
Hike Kilimanjaro (maybe)
Go to Mauritius
Go to the Seychelles
Go BACK to India
During Diwali
Visit the Galpagos Islands
Visit Antarctica
Visit Easter Island
See the Northern Lights
Go to Carnival in Brasil
See the whale migration in Mexico´s Bay of Banderas
Swim with manates in Florida´s Crystal River
Housesit in a fabulous location
Go to a yoga retreat (and not shoot myself — or someone else 🙂
Drive cross-country in the U.S.
See the arch in St. Louis
Visit Glacier National Park
And Sequoia and Redwoods National Park
And the Hearst Mansion
And Yosemite
Get to Falling Waters Museum and Gettysburg
Alaska (by land and sea)
See orangutans in either Sumatra or Borneo (or who knows, maybe both!)
Spend some time in Indonesia — and visit Komoda National Park
Hike the Grand Canyon
Volunteer/work with kids as part of a travel abroad organization
Drive the northern most road in Radisson, Canada
Attend Laura Ingalls Day in Wisconsin (whatever 😛 )
Visit the von Trapp family lodge in Vermont
Finally get to Berlin
See southern Germany and all those castles
Visit Auschwitz or another Holocaust camp in Poland
Visit the birthplace of my grandfather, Smelnic Poland
And Krakow
Get my butt to Croatia
Uh, Prague?
And Barcelona (WTF?)
Istanbul (sigh)
Go back to Israel
China and the Great Wall – Esp. the END of the Wall in Qinhuangdao
Take the express train from Shanghai to Beijing
Ride the world´s fastest train:  Shanghai Maglev
Ride the Trans-Manchurian
Ride the Trans-Siberian
Eat tons of sushi in Japan
Climb Mt. Fuji
Volunteer at www.returntofreedom.org
See a wrestling match in Mexico (Lucha Libre)
Stay awhile in Portugal
With a short jaunt to the Azores Islands
Travel through Central America
Run a B&B
Be a seat filler at the Oscars
See an Oprah/OWN show live
And Ellen Degeneres
Go to the Kentucky Derby
See Dancing With The Stars and So You Think You Can Dance Live
Visit Kakadu National Park
Visit the Whitsundays
Perth and the Western Desert
New Zealand (all of it 🙂
Ride in a hot air balloon
See the World Cup Live (Brazil, June 15, Brasilia: Switzerland vs. Educador)
See the Olympics Live (both winter and summer) –> Volunteered in Rio 2016
Pay off all my credit card debt myself
Burning Man
Sleep in the igloo hotel in Sweden
See a moonbow at Kentucky´s Cumberland Falls (the Niagara of the South)
Canadian Tulip Festival in Ottawa: http://tulipfestival.ca/
Winter Festival in Quebec
Volunteer at the Kopila Valley School in Nepal: http://blinknow.org/
Hike a serious, multi-day hike somewhere


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  1. Tash – you are correct. But this list is a work in progress. Please see recent additions (this now means you will be required to accompany me 🙂

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