Simply Salta

I really love Salta, Argentina.  With it´s slow pace, wide, sunny squares, interesting markets, funky graffiti and yummy hot dogs.

That´s right.  Hot dogs.

I had read that Chile is ´´known´´ for it´s hot dogs, and am planning on trying some when I get to Santiago.  But I didn´t know Argentina was also in on the action.  However, much like pizza, I think most everyone has their preference when it comes to meat in a bun. Generally, I am not really a hot dog girl.  In NYC, our dirty water dogs are a rite of passage.  But I rarely seek one out.  I have also had them in Brazil, where foodies top them with potato chips, corn, tomatoes and other unusual tidbits. They are ok, but nothing I would crave.

Salta may have turned my head on this.

It is here that I had a foot-long piece of pork in a soft bun, topped with mustard, spicy and regular onions and grilled eggplant.  Sounds gross, but trust me when I say it was delicious.

Eating my yummy hot dog

I also took an eerily quiet ride on Salta´s cable car to a viewpoint above the city. Seeing Salta spread out beneath me, with the setting sun casting everything in an orange glow, was lovely.

Waiting to board the cable car

Salta is just a nice town for a stroll.  It´s many squares invite people-watching and the warm, sunny weather slows down your pace just a bit.

Orange trees line the streets in Salta

One of Salta´s many lovely squares


I also had my first Argentinian steak in Salta.  I have been traveling with 4 others:  a couple from Australia (Shaun and Georgina) and a couple from South Africa (John-Henry and Mary.)  We were directed to a small, simple steak house where a waiter with a trick bow-tie cut one of our steaks with a spoon.  The cuts were so big we had leftovers for two days.

If Salta is any indication of how Argentina is, I think I am really going to like it here.

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