Waterfall Wonderment

If you’re a New Yorker, you know that you can live 100 years in the city and still see something new each day of your life there. Surprisingly, I had a similar experience in Uberaba, Brazil.
If you’re read some of my other posts, you know that Uberaba – while not quite a village – is a small town located in the interior of Brazil, with not much to do. Sadly, we are several hours from any substantial state or national parks or beaches, making outdoor activities limited. It’s also brutally hot here, so any outdoor adventures are better served with shade.
So, imagine my surprise when, after four years here, my husband and I went to a waterfall just a one-hour drive away from our city!
It was HOT the day we went, so the refreshing, rushing water was appreciated all the more. It was also shockingly tall and powerful; I guess I hadn’t expected to see such an impressive waterfall out here in the hinterlands. Access to the waterfall and river itself is free; there is a large section of the river upstream from the falls, with calm pools (ie: no strong current) to wade around in. In addition, across the road is a fazenda (farm) that, for a small fee, allows you river access from their grounds, as well as a bathrooms, showers and a simple restaurant. The fazenda also offers camping and even has a few “chalets” for rent (I use “quotes” because the word chalet suggests luxury, and these are NOT luxurious. But they do the job!)
We will certainly be back to this special place as soon as the thermometer soars above 90 degrees. I’m sure we won’t have a long wait 🙂

Stunning, refreshing and so green!

Delicious local specialty from the fazenda: Galinha (chicken and rice — but really, it’s so much MORE!)

Access is free – but you still have to scramble through a wire fence! Makes it more worth it, no?

If you look closely, you will see this lady is taking her little dog on a tube.


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